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Southern Baptist Prayer Guide

Seven Steps for Intercessory Prayer

   1.  Since it is the time in prayer of the righteous that is powerful and effective (James 5:16) examine your conscience before you pray, and repent of any sin or harsh feelings you may have against other people.

   2.  Spend a few minutes in silence, to quiet your mind and come into God’s presence.

   3.  During this time, ask the Lord to give you a sense of the things God wants you to pray for. Put aside    your own agenda, concerns, and desires and unite yourself to Jesus’ heart. You may want to write down the things that God places on your hearts

   4.  Briefly reflect on what you wrote down. What do you think God is leading you to pray for?

   5.  Pray for the things on God’s heart—for those who have no faith; for those who have fallen away from Jesus; for renewal and unity in all the Christian churches; for respect for all life; for all the lost, abandoned, or forgotten children of the world; for those under the power of addictions or bound by depression, anxiety, or bitterness; and for prisoners and service men and women. And, of course, pray for your own intentions and loved ones.  As you pray, take confidence in God’s power to overcome any obstacle. Stand firm in faith, and wait to see God work in power.

   6.  In your prayer journal, keep a record of what you prayed for, and of the ways God   answered those prayers.

   7.  Thank Him and praise Him for all the ways he has worked through your prayers.

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