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Apr 29We must Have Our Priorities RightHaggai 2:10-19When the rebuilding of the Temple stopped, God sent Haggai to rearrange their priorities. 
Apr 22The Day of the LordZephaniah 2: 1-3Zephaniah used this term "The Day of the Lord" more than any other prophet.
Apr 15A Voice Questioning GodHabakkuk 1: 2-4Habakkuk was different from other prophets; he spoke to God on behalf of the people.
Apr 08

"Lord's Supper"

Celebrating Deliverance

Mark 14: 22-25Passover was a time of deliverance for the Hebrews, this is a celebration of deliverance from our past.
Apr 01


The Meaning of the Empty Tomb

Matthew 28:1-10
How we should reflect on this time.  What the empty tomb meant then and what it means today.
Mar 27
Saved to Obey
Genesis 6: 3, 5-8REVIVAL 7 PM---- - Rev Gary Townsend
Mar 26
Where Will you spend Eternity?
Luke 16:19-31REVIVAL 7 PM- - -- Rev Gary Townsend
Mar 25
The Pain of Salvation
2 Corinthians 10:4-5
REVIVAL 6 PM - - - Rev Gary Townsend
Mar 25
Romans 1:16
REVIVAL 10 AM ---Rev Gary Townsend
Mar 18
Nineveh Destroyed?
Nahum 1:2-6
Even though Nineveh had repented during the time of Jonah, they had returned to their evil ways.  Destruction was coming. 
Mar 11
Justice...More Than Just a Concept
Micah 5:9-15
Even though it was a time of prosperity, justice was coming for God's people through punishment, promise and pardon. 
Mar 04
Now That I Have Your Attention....
Jonah 3:10
This is a book about God's mercy and about His providential plan for His people. 
Feb 25

Lord's Supper--

Pausing to Remember

1 Corinthians 11:23-26
There are times we all need to be reminded of things. Today we pause to remember this act of worship and fellowship with Him.
Feb 18
Vindication was Coming!
Obadiah VS 12-14
There was judgement for those against Israel.
Feb 11
Woe to You Who are Complacent!
Amos 5:18-27
This is a look at how Amos was the "burden bearer" for many social injustices of his day, but hope was in God.
Feb 04
The day of the Lord is Coming!
Joel 1:15
Judgement is coming for God's people.  We need to remember this especially and not take His blessings for granted.



Getting a  Second Chance
John 3:1-17
Don Doggett preaching
Jan 21
God's Fidelity
Hosea 13:4-6
This is a book about God's unfailing love to His unfaithful people. 
Jan 14

Lord's Supper...

The Act of Receiving

Mark 14:22-25
As believers, our focus is on service to the Lord;  yet, our first responsibility is to receive.
Jan 07 2018

Deacon Ordination...

A Servant

Acts 6:1-7
A deacon is a servant and is responsible to the Lord and the congregation for his service.
Dec 31
2017...How Obedient Were We
Romans 1:1-7
Explore just what is means to be obedient today to our faith.
Dec 24
Vesper Service
Luke 2:1-20
Vesper Service

Dec 24

Advent Week 4

Praise...Birth of John the Baptist.

Luke 1:57-80
Vesper Service..Luke 2:1-20  Glory to God in the Highest.
Dec 17

Advent Week 3

Christmas Cantata

Christmas Cantata
Dec 10

Advent Week 2

Joy...Holy is His Name!

Luke 1:39-56
What it must have been like for Mary to realize how she was able to serve.
Dec 03
Advent Week 1  Faith...Nothing is Impossible with God!

​Luke 1:26-38

He is coming in a way that all should see He is truly the Messiah. 
Nov 26
David, Worshipped Lavishly
Psalm 68:1-4
Worship is also being glad and joyful in the Lord as we praise Him. 
Nov 19
Lord's Supper
Luke 22:26-30
We will explore how Jesus was a perfect example of a servant leader.
Nov 12
Veterans' Day
John 15:13
Don Doggett Preaching
Nov 05
David, Worshiped Enthusiastically
Psalm 9: 1-2
Worshiping enthusiastically is worshipping with all our heart as we rejoice and praise Him.
Oct 29
David, Worshiped Lovingly
Psalm 26:1-3
David's love and trust for the Lord was genuine and true.
Oct 22
David Worshiped Inwardly
Psalm 143:5-6
Worship is also a personal activity that we do to please Him and inspire us.
Oct 15
David, Worshiped Publicly
Psalm 22:15-22
David realized that it was only God who could rescue him and save him.
Oct 08
Lord's Supper
1 Corinthians 10:16-17
This is a memorial service as we are united with the blood and body of Christ.
Oct 01
David, A Worshiper
Psalm 63:1-5
Even David was a sinner, yet he had an intense longing for God.

Sep 24

Eternal Security--

Saved Forever

Ephesians 4:30
Scripture is clear that once we are part of the Family of God, we are a member forever!


Is it worth it to be a Christian?
Psalm 73:1-17Why it seems that those who are obviously not Christians seem, at times, to have a better life than those who are devoted Christians.

Sep 10

What We Have Learned Since 9/11/2001

Matthew 24:6 & 

2 John 2:7

Evil has existed in this world and will continue to do so until Christ returns.

Sep 03

What's So Important About Israel?
Genesis 15:7-18
Explain why no piece of property has resulted in more conflict and division than Israel. 

Aug 27 evening

Mission Night

Aug 27

Lord's Supper

Together at the Lord's Table

1 Corinthians 11:23-28

1 Corinthians 10:16-17

We approach the Lord's Table as individuals but also as brothers and sisters in Him.



Why Pray?
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
Talking with God is critical to maintain and grow our lives as believers.



Why Read the Bible
2 Timothy 3:10-17
We should read and study the Bible because it is God's Word to us.



Heaven--It is Better Than That!
Revelation 21:27
Whatever you might imagine Heaven to be like, it's better than that!
July 30What About ForgivenessMatthew 18:21-35As a Christian we have no choice other than to forgive.
July 23How Can a Loving God Hate?Proverbs 6:16-19Explain how a loving God also hates and what that means to us as his followers.
July 16 (evening)
Mission Night

Brody & Jenny Pav
July 16 (morning)

Missions Day

Brody & Jenny Pav

2 Timothy 2:1-10Famous Last Words
July 09

Lord's Supper

An Upper Room Today

Matthew 26:20-30We come as forgiven people invited to fellowship with a gracious God.
July 02Happy Birthday America!  Rebuilding Our Spiritual Walls.Nehemiah 2:11-18Just as Nehemiah had to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, we need to rebuild the spiritual walls of America.
JUNE 25It is the Lord's Battle1 Samuel 17:38-50No matter who or what our battles might be,  the Lord is  with us in our battle against evil.

Father's Day

Abraham & Isaac

Genesis 22:1-19Abraham's faith was strong even with his precious son Isaac
JUNE 11A Walk of FaithMatthew 14:22-36At least Peter had enough faith to get out of the boat.  It was the only way he could go to Jesus.

9th Anniversary of IBC

It is about the Kingdom of God

Acts 28:17-31Just as was the case with Paul, our work, ministry and efforts are focused on the Kingdom of God.
May 28

Memorial Day

Keep Up Your Courage

Acts 27:21-26Paul's faith was strong and unrelenting even in the face of disaster and death.
May 21

Lord's Supper

Supper of Invitation

Matthew 26:26-29This is a reminder that we are to invite others to come to the table and share His love with us.
May 14

Mother's Day

Paul on Trial

Acts 26:12-18The was Jesus' call to Paul to be His witness and it was Paul's testimony even in difficult times.

May 07

What is Your Witness?Acts 24:5-23Paul's witness was strong and always the same.  He lifed it.  How are we doing with that?
Apr 30Take CourageActs 23:1-11Even in the worst of times, the Lord is with us and encourages us.
Apr 23He told his StoryActs 22:3-21Reflect on how Paul's witness was one of simply telling his story.  We can do the same.
Apr 16EASTER-He is AliveLuke 24:1-13Easter is not about His death. It is about His resurrection.
Apr 09This Was His PlanLuke 23:13-23He died a sinless, innocent man.
April 02

Lord"s Supper

Easter Week

Luke 22:1-13Present the events of Easter Week up to & including the 1st Lord's supper.
March 26The Spirit of a Sound FaithLuke 5: 1-11Vacation for Pastor Mike--Guest Speaker Rev Don Doggett (retired Army Chaplain)
March 19This Missionary was MisunderstoodActs 21:27 - 367Many still did not understand or accept the Truth.
March 12Farewell to PaulActs 20:1 - 12This would be Paul's final trip to encourage them to continue their work.

March 5 EveningRevivalHosea 4:1 - 17​Rev. Bob Shook Preaching
March 5 MorningRevivalHosea 4:1-6

Rev. Bob Shook Preaching

February 26Excitement in EphesusActs 19:1-20Paul's time in Ephesus enlightened people about the Holy Spirit, baptism, and the power of the Lord.
February 19The Seriousness of the Supper (Lord's Supper)1 Corinthians 11:27-34To reflect on participating in a worthy manner grateful for Christ's provision.
February 12Paul in CorinthActs 18:18-22The Lord gave Paul just the encouragement he needed and it is available to us today.
February 5Responding to God's WordActs 17:10-15Not all responses were positive...but in Berea many believed.
January 29God Opened Her HeartActs 16:11-15The conversion of Lydia and her family.
January 22An Early DisputeActs 15: 30-35Church problems are not resolved by passing resolutions, but by practicing the revelations God provides.
January 15

Guest Speaker:

Rev. Gary Townsend

2 Chronicles 7: 11-16

Dedication Service:

New Sanctuary

January 8

What God Expects

(Ordination Service)

Ephesians 5:22-33God has very specific directions and expectations for men.
January 1Where Are We Headed in 2017Proverbs 29:18Verify that our goals and truths for IBC are in line with God.
December 25A Savior is Born!Luke 2:1-20The Lord positioned everyone to be just where He wanted the for this event: Mary & Joseph, the angels, and the shepherds all in perfect harmony.
December 18Christmas cantata
Christmas Cantata
December 11The Missionaries Come HomeActs 14:21-28Look at their ministries: they taught, encouraged and organized others; then, they reported back to their sending churches.
December 04Calling Missionaries to go outActs 13:1-5As these two were set apart, they responded with obedience and taking the Gospel to the Roman World.
November 27The Jail Could Not Hold ThemActs 12:1-17All things are possible with God. He hears our prayers even for each other.
November 20

Lord's Supper

Supper of Thanksgiving

Matthew 26:26-30During this time of thanksgiving we must remember our gratitude for Christ
November 13Veterans Day ServiceDon Dogget

Veterans Day Service

November 06

Here comes the


Acts 11:19-30This word was not just for Jews as Gentiles were also invited to the faith.
October 30The Greatest Miracle: Winning Lost SinnersActs 10:1-8The conversion of Cornelius was truly a miracle of salvation.
October 23Healing the Body and Raising the DeadActs 9:32-35Peter continued to point people to the Lord even through healing and raising the dead.
October 16The Diligence of PeterActs 8:26-35Peter was sensitive to the guidance of the Lord through the angel and the Holy Spirit.
October 09Stephen the MartyrActs 7:54-60Stephen was faithful to the end and even in his death, the Lord blessed him, and introduced another disciple ...Saul.
October 02

Lord's Supper

Supper of Sharing

1 Corinthians 10:16-17This meal is about sharing.  We must remember to share Christ with others.
September 25Rev Bob Shook

September 18God's Grace and PowerActs 6:8-15Stephen was chosen and empowered by God for His work
September 11It's the TruthActs 5:17-32The truth of His Word does not change and must be proclaimed
September 4Calling on His NameActs 4:23-31The Holy Spirit that filled the early believes is still available to fill us today
August 28Power in His NameActs 3:17-26The Ultimate fulfillment of the Old Testament prophesies is Jesus Christ
August 21Power as PromisedActs 2: 36-42The message then was "repent and be baptized" and it is the same today
August 14Faith of the First ChristiansActs 1: 6-11As believers we are to live our faith every day until He comes back for His Church
August 07Lord's Supper1 Corinthians 11:23-29It is more that the bread and the is about receiving the grace of God.
July 31Now What?2 Chronicles 7:1-3We pray for the glory of the Lord to fill this place.
July 24Prayer for Others1 Timothy 2:1-18We must be willing to be part of the answer.
July 17Prayer...Should I Act or Wait?Joshua 7:1-13God does not reward laziness but there are times we should wait on Him for direction
July 10Prayers...  Can They be Unanswered?Hebrews 11:6Failure to receive the answer desired or expected does not mean a prayer is unanswered.
July 3Happy Birthday AmericaRomans 13:1-4Explore how we have done with this "land of the free"
June 26The Power of God's WordHebrews 4:12-13It is powerful....even the Word of God assesses our thoughts and attitudes.
June 19

Father's Day. 

Why Christians Should Not Love The World

1 John 2:12-17

Fathers of today, especially, must overcome and be strong.

June 12God Prepared this Earth Just for ManGenesis 1:1-2He prepared it and provided for man even before He created us.
June 5We Trust the Authority of ChristMatthew 12: 39-42All that the Bible says about Jesus is true.  It is not over-stated.
May 29We Can Trust the Predictions of the Bible?Isaiah 46:9-10The fulfillment of Bible prophecy proves we can trust it
May 22Lord's Supper:  More than a Symbol1 Corinthians 11:23-29The time of worship for the Lord's Supper is a time of serious worship.
May 15We Can Trust the Claims of the Bible2 Timothy 3:16-17The Bible proves it is truth.  It is up to us to believe it.
May 8Mother's Day  "Hannah, a Dedicated Mother"1 Samuel 1:27-28She saw the necessity to praise the Lord for answered prayer
May 1"Why a New Church and What Will Change?"Jude 3-7While the surroundings will change there are things that will not.
April 24"Why the Temple?"2 Samuel 7:10-13What can we learn as we consider God's direction for the Temple and our new building?
April 17"Why The Tabernacle"Exodus 33:7-9Explore the motivation for establishing the Tabernacle as a place of worship.
April 10"How Do We Prepare"Ecclesiastes 5:1-7Easter is behind us and now we look to the new building.
April 3

Lord's Supper  "Affirmation of His Presence"

John 14:18,28Even though He ascended from this earth, Jesus is still present with us.
March 27Easter DayDon't Be AfraidMatthew 28: 1-10This has been a comforting statement with mankind forever, but with Christ, there is no fear.

March 20

Palm Sunday: Is He Who He Said He Is?John 14: 1-6The first issue about salvation is what we believe about Jesus.  Do you believe He is who He says He is?
March 13,14,15


see media page to play these videos

Rev. Robert Shook

13th at 10:30 "The Need for Revival"

13th at 6pm "Where Revival Starts" (A picture of the Church Today)

14th at 7pm "A Day of Judgement, Really?"

15th at 7pm "Where Are We Today?"

March 06When Brokenness is a Good ThingIsaiah 65:14We generally try to avoid anything that is broken but with God brokenness can be a good thing.
February 28Lord's Supper - Reminder of SufferingMatthew 26:26-29This is more than a memorial service or a reminder of an historical event.  It is about a Savior who suffered and died for us.
February 21Joseph, From the Pit to the ThroneGenesis 37:5-9An example of accepting what God has for today and staying faithful for tomorrow.
February 14Jacob, the Deceiving TwinGenesis 28:10-22Even though Jacob was a deceiver, God used him for His purpose.
February 07Isaac, Chosen by GodGenesis 17: 17-19Even though Isaac had an unusual beginning, he was used by God in a mighty way, just as was foretold.
January 31Abraham, a Friend of GodGenesis 12:1-3; James 2:23To consider this one who was found righteous in an unrighteous world may be an example for us.
January 24Kevin Cummings Preaching

January 17Deacon Ordination Service1 Timothy 3:8-13To communicate the expectations and qualities of a deacon and their wife and encourage these new servants.
January 10Lord's Supper; Common or Sacred?Mark 14:22-25This is an illustration of how Christ used common everyday elements for a very sacred purpose.
January 03So Simple, So ComplexMark 10:17-22, John 3:1-9Jerry Preaches
December 27How Did We Do in 2015?John 3:16We know that Jesus died for us, but how did we do this past year in living it and showing it?
December 24Vesper ServiceVesper ServiceVesper Service
December 20

Merry Christmas

"Christmas Gifts"

Matthew 2:1-12The magi followed the star, were discerning about Herod, and presented Him with the first Christmas gifts.
December 6An Authentic ChristmasLuke 2:8-15The sign was there and they followed it.
November 29Behold the BattleJoshua 4:14-15,5:10,6:5,15-21Pastor Emeritus Jerry Montgomery preaches today
November 22


On Solid Ground

Matthew 7:13-27The way to Jesus is a narrow gate, but one that everyone may enter.  We must be intentional in our walk.
November 15Keep on Loving Each OtherHebrews 13:1-15If we are truly walking by faith, it should look like this....
November 8Veterans Day ServiceDon DoggettVeterans Day Service
November 1Don't QuitHebrews 12:1-6, 28-29Living our faith requires endurance and patience.  We can expect discipline.
October 25So, How's Your Faith?Hebrews 11:1-3, 36-40How our faith stacks up against those who have come before us.

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